Underdog Investigations

The Case of the Shot Street Healer

Underdog Investigations finds Neil Pasco shot, bleeding and unconscious on their doorstep. The shooting appears to be related to a metallic cylinder he was in possession of earlier in the night. The cylinder is a container about half full of vials of an unknown nature, it also has a list of 13 female names from over 30 years ago (all have passed away now) one of whom is the mother of Gumshoe.

Members of the Marielitos gang break the truce with Jefferson and intrude into the Skids (non-violently, strangely) to deliver a summons for Jefferson from King Domino for the following night at 6:00pm.

Siddhartha experienced some backlash from the rest of the team over his aggressive use of mind control on citizens of the Skids. However, his abilities allowed him to get a rough mental image of the person who shot Neil.

Skippy kept his nose to the ground and spent a fair amount of time conversing with other homeless residents of the Skids. Skippy was the only one able to hear the code hidden in the alarm that lead to them finding a way to open the mysterious cylinder (with the help of eccentric inventor Taylor Feltz)

Virgil served as aerial scout and was the first to spot the clues that lead the team to believe that the cylinder may have been the object stolen by Jade Arrow they read about in the newspapers.


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