Underdog Investigations

Audience with King Domino

Underdog Investigations tracked down the man who shot Lien Pasco, a radical mutant activist named Michael Boyer.

King Domino reveals his plan to consolidate the criminal activities of the city section by section, with the Skids being the next on the list. Jefferson turned down an offer to run the Skids for the Marielitos , backed by the rest of the team.

Skippy used his contacts with the homeless to distract the Marielitos guarding King Domino’s car and plant evidence related to the theft of government documents related to illegal testing on mutants. Which lead to the arrest of some of the gang members but not King Domino himself.

Gumshoe ended up spending the night in a cell courtesy of the NSIB for suspiciously staking out their local headquarters. He did manage to learn a few facts that lead to Michael Boyer.

Virgil ran afoul of the NSIB while searing for electronic documents related to Michael Boyer, but was instrumental to finding his current location.

Siddhartha was unable to convince Officer Goodman to give the team more than the name from the casing found in the alley. But that with his mental powers was enough to get the initial lead that lead to finding Michael Boyer.

Felecia Kline didn’t win any converts for the commune, inadvertantly insulting both VIrgil and Skippy. Additionally she was later revealed to have contracted Michael Boyer to steal the information from the NSIB that started this whole fiasco.


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