Virgil Markelhay

Winged painter with his head in the clouds


High Concept Escaping from what others see as his Destiny
Trouble Recognized Wherever I Go
Aspects Reluctant Hero; Reluctant Hero; Why Walk When You Can Fly?
+4: Athletics
+3: Notice,Shoot
+2: Empathy,Physique,Will
+1: Contacts,Investigate,Rapport,Stealth

The Eye Gazes in All Directions:
You are never surprised. Even if it’s only by a moment, you are always forewarned of the unexpected.

Long Shot: You can make physical attacks with Shoot from up to three zones away, rather than the usual two.

Artist: You get a +2 to all Rapport rolls relating to painting. In addition, once per session may make one Resources roll using Rapport (with your +2) represent selling a piece of art or taking a commission.

Thread the Needle: As long as I can fly I cannot be boxed in

Eagle Eye: +2 to Notice (vision)

Aileron Roll: +2 to Athletics when grace or flight are involved

Special Effects (option extra when succeed with style)
Extra Movement (move up to 2 zones for free)

Drawback: Frail (hollow bones)


Virgil Markelhay

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