Tomas Jefferson Santos

Cuban Gang Banger, Turned Good


High Concept Cuban Gang Banger, Turned Good
Trouble Cancerous
Aspects My Life Must Have Meaning; My Life Must Have Meaning; Mi Familia Es Mi Vida
+4: Athletics
+3: Physique,Will
+2: Contacts,Rapport,Stealth
+1: Deceive,Fight,Investigate,Notice

Set in My Ways. Add +2 to your Will when using it to resist attempts to change your deeply-held beliefs or your core identity.

Dazing Counter. When you succeed with style on a defend action against an opponent’s Fight roll, you automatically counter with some sort of nerve punch or stunning blow. You get to attach the Dazed situation aspect to your opponent with a free invoke, instead of just a boost.

A Friend in Every Port. Whenever you enter a settlement, you may declare you’ve visited it before and roll Contacts against Fair (+2) opposition. If you succeed, you have a friend there who owes you one favor—nothing costly or life threatening. If you succeed with style, your friend will do any one thing for you that is within his power.

Super Speed: +4 to Athletics as long as speed would make a difference
+2 to Fight when using your super speed

Special Effects (option extra when succeed with style)
Extra Actions

Drawback: Super Metabolism

Tomas Jefferson Santos – sometimes called “Hyper”, at a glance

Young, Cuban-American Speedster

Former Gang Member

Friends call him Tomas, most people know him as Jefferson.

Wants to do better for his son, Benjamin.

Benjamin’s mother is Allita Carmine, this was a one night stand that resulted in a baby. There is some mutual respect between the parents, but no real love…though they tried.

Jefferson’s current girlfriend is Carolina Mosqueda with whom he is deeply in love. She is wanting a marriage and family, but Jefferson is avoiding it at all cost (see below).

Alderman Ramirez got Jefferson in touch with his Catholic roots and now religion is a reasonable portion of his life.

Three months ago Jefferson found out he has a form of bone cancer, and that his superhuman abilities only fuel its growth. He has told no one, and this is the reason he avoids marriage and had a religious conversion.

While generally a good upstanding man, Jefferson has his vices. His is a determined philanderer, and often has women on the side, though he has resisted this temptation with his current girlfriend. Jefferson has a mentality that his “Familia” can do no wrong, and will side with them even in the face of egregious atrocities.


This was written in haste, but it is ok.

King Domino, ruled the Hood.

Everyone knew him, and his crew, The Marielitos, had their fingers in all transactions on the block. Drugs, prostitution, gun running, even the Barber Shops owed their patronage to The King. As a youth, you had few options growing up, you could serve the The King as a wage-slave, or you could join his army and reign in hell. This was the world that Tomas Jefferson Santos was born. His family served The King in many ways, and over time The King’s influence was stretching out over the entire city. He became a force to be considered in the city. Typical corruption that pertains to any city in any time happened. Cops and officials came under The King’s influence, and more and more things were swept under the carpet.

At the age of 12, Santos was beat into a junior gang of the Marielitos called The 8th Street Ninos, which he still bares the brand of their patron saint. While in The Ninos Santos rose quickly in their ranks with his quick thinking and level head, never starting a fight that he could not win, even if that meant concessions to his rivals. Eventually he was brought into the official ranks of The Marielitos and became an Under Boss for his current neighborhood. He was efficient and well respected in the different neighborhoods around the city. Then everything changed….

Two years ago Santos’ son, Benjamin, was born and this changed both of their lives forever. He began having meetings with the local Alderman, Pablo Ramirez, and discussing with problems that plagued the neighborhood, and what sort of legacy was he leaving for his son? That is when he gave the men of his gang a choice, leave the gang, help clean up the block, or leave the block for good. All but a handful of the formers gang members left, and the block has been relatively crime free since. No one is quite sure why King Domino has not retaliated, but it is only a matter of time.

Tomas Jefferson Santos

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