Rich Psuedo-Hippy Buddist Telepath


High Concept Rich Psuedo-Hippy Buddist Telepath
Trouble Addict
Aspects Wears His Heart on His Sleeve; Wears His Heart on His Sleeve; You Want it? I Know Where to Get it.
+4: Empathy
+3: Investigate,Resources
+2: Knowledge,Rapport,Will
+1: Contacts,Deceive,Notice,Provoke

Mental Disguise: You can use Empathy instead of Deceive when creating a disguise

Brilliant Mental Disguise: Once per scene, after you succeed on a Deceive or Empathy roll to create a disguise you may succeed with style instead

I’ve Heard Every Lie in the Book: +2 to overcome or defend against lies with Empathy

Telepathy: You can use Empathy to tell what someone is feeling
You can use Investigate to delve into someone’s memories
You can use Will to mentally attack someone, if you take someone out with a mental attack you can render them comatose or take control of their mind

Special Effects (option extra when succeed with style)
Inflict Condition (add an aspect to the target with one free invoke)

Drawback: Psychis Backlash



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